Why Shortened Muscles Hurt

spinalpainAn important factor in neuropathic pain is muscle shortening, caused by muscle spasm and contracture. Muscle shortening produces pain by pulling on tendons, straining them and distressing the joints they move.  These muscles also hurt because they compress and stress pain nerve endings within the muscles and joints themselves.  Patients may feel that that their muscles are “tight all of the time,”  that they have “always been tight,”  or they “cannot be stretched out, no matter what.”  Such complaints are all too common preceding the onset of chronic pain.

Muscle Shortening increases wear and tear:

Muscle shortening also increases wear and tear and contributes to degenerative changes such as “tendonitis” “bursitis” and “osteoarthritis”.  Often these are regarded as isolated, local conditions and may not receive the appropriate diagnosis or treatment until the pain becomes frustrating.  The tennis elbow that never goes away… the ITband syndrome that can’t be stretched out… pain that isn’t aided by anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants…sounding familiar?

If this is the type of pain that you feel you are suffering contact us today to arrange an IMS assessment.  At Leading Edge all of our IMS practitioners have undergone extensive post-graduate training from Dr. Gunn’s Institute.