Andrew Chau


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Andrew Chau

this guy doesn’t just dip a toe in, he’s all in for your recovery


  • Aquatic Therapist / Kinesiologist
  • Bachelors of Science degree specialized in Kinesiology (with distinction) – 2014
  • Alberta Kinesiology Association – Registered Kinesiology -2017
  • Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors – Aquatic Physical Therapy in Orthopedics – 2017
  • Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors – Aquatic Physical Therapy in Neurology – 2017
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer – 2017
  • Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute  – Aquatic Therapy Certificate – 2017
  • Kinesiotaping – Taping Provider 2016
  • Snowboarder, Breakdancer , Avid Videographer & Pool Expert


Andrew ever since he was younger had a dream to become a Physiotherapist.  He knew being in the rehabilitation-field; he could apply his passion of helping others combined with exercise and fitness.  When Andrew graduated out of the Kinesiology program, Andrew knew the difficulties and competitiveness when entering the Physiotherapy program.  It was then, Andrew found us at Leading Edge where we were able to see the skills, creativity and the potential Andrew could utilize in the Aquatic Rehabilitation Pool Department.  Andrew realizes the importance of Kinesiology and educating the public about the value of exercise to rehabilitate and prevent future injuries from happening.  Being one of very few aquatic rehabilitation experts and having access to our Swimex Rehabilitation Pool, Andrew has a very unique career and our patients are very fortunate to have him.

  • Favorite book –Not much of a book reader because he is more comfortable behind a camera, he does enjoy the best buy flyers, tech review magazines and videography books.
  • Favorite sport – Andrew loves Ice hockey but unfortunately he can’t skate well… so watching it and playing ball hockey is the next best thing.
  • Favorite movie – Toy Story 1 2 3, Up and almost every Pixar Movie.
  • Clinic nickname(s) – The Pool Guy / The Pool Boy / Slave-driver
  • Favorite Hobby – Creating and producing Cinematography and videos for his youtube channel.
  • Favourite Places to visit – Japan and Hawaii
  • Clinical Pet Peeve – he loves everything about leading Edge so what could peeve him?
  • Something you may not know about him – Andrew makes a video for every vacation he goes on and puts them on his youtube channel where he currently has 109 subscribers #famous #notreally #hewishes
  • Staff say – “Andrew is the only person allowed to wear shorts to work!” – trust me people, it’s hot in that pool room…..
  • What our patients say after they use the pool – “Andrew… why do I feel so heavy out of the water?” –  In Reality, they are going to be sore tonight, tomorrow and the next day and they will thank him for it.
  • Superhuman Talent –Andrew is able detect if you are cheating with your exercises (so do them right!)


Andrew graduated with a Bachelors of Science specialized in Kinesiology in 2014.  His experience in private practice provided him with skills in delivering exercise prescription while meeting the needs and goals of every patient he works with.  He then garnered further training and credentials in aquatic therapy and has become our head aquatic therapist in our hydrotherapy department.  He understands the advantages of aquatic therapy and will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to be successful both in and out of the water.  Not only is he in charge of direct patient care, he communicates closely with all our edge experts to provide the best aquatic therapy program for those looking to rehabilitate in water.  Andrew has developed strong observation skills to see what may hinder your movements and provides tips on how to get your body moving efficiently.  He continues to strive and expands his practice with more Aquatic Therapy courses and continues to pursue his Certified Exercise Physiologist certification from the CSEP.

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