Pediatric Rehabilitation

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Pediatric Rehabilitation Edmonton

Available at Capilano Rehabilitation Centre

an environment designed for pediatrics.

therapists with skills, training and focus on children.

a passion to make a difference.

At Leading Edge Physiotherapy, we have created a pediatric rehabilitation program that builds on our passion for improving the lives of our patients using environment, technology, training and people. We have applied this philosophy and tailored it to the unique needs of children. Utilizing the expertise of professionals in the field, researching the latest in treatment environments from across North America and seeking out dedicated therapists with extensive treatment backgrounds, we are proud to share this program with a broad population of pediatric clients in the Edmonton Region. Well that all sounds serious, but at Leading Edge we know fun. Children succeed when they have fun, are engaged and challenged. You can find all of this in our Pediatrics Clinic at the Leading Edge Physiotherapy Capilano Rehabilitation Centre.

unique care for unique patients

When it comes to our children, the simple fact is that they have a unique set of needs and therefore need treatments that recognize their unique personalities, ages and levels of development. Our Pediatric Rehabilitation Service incorporates knowledge from several dimensions of practice including neurological, orthopedic and developmental realms to meet these needs. Unlike adults, young children may not understand exactly why they’re in therapy and therefor use of play, family involvement and one-on-one care are essential tools for success. It requires skill and experience to unlock a child’s potential.

so experience and training really matter

At Leading Edge physiotherapy, our pediatric therapists come from two professional backgrounds and two pediatric work environments. Our pediatric service has engaged both physical therapists and occupational therapists to offer children a broad spectrum of treatment approaches. Our clinicians come from both the school and hospital treatment environments. This gives our pediatric patients the experience that they deserve when it comes to addressing their unique needs. Our clinicians strive to enhance the lives of children to allow them to develop the confidence to interact, function, and to perform at an age-appropriate level with their peers. To top it off, they have a passion to make a difference in the lives of children.

investing in the future of our children – environments matter

Sometimes the best way to get the most potential from a child can come from the environment. A key to our approach is working with the child in an environment that is engaging, challenging and fun. Investing in the tools that will get the most from a child is an investment in the child’s success. We have built an environment with the tools children can use to play, learn and grow. From climbing walls, swings and roller slides to simple toys, we have sought out evidence based tools to garner successful outcomes for children.

parent(s) and caregivers matter

We believe that the best resource a child has is their parent(s) and/or caregivers. With this in mind, it is imperative to have engagement from family, parent(s) and other caregivers. We know that treatment continues beyond the doors of Leading Edge Physiotherapy and we strive to provide every opportunity for children to succeed in other environments. The use of treatment strategies adapted to the home, school and other environments is paramount to the successful integration of those strategies. Our assessment and treatments can be adapted and utilized between and beyond our treatment environment at Leading Edge. We want you involved!

what pediatric clients do we treat?

  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Vision Impairment
  • Visual Motor Impairment
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • CVA / Stroke
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Sensory Processing
  • Developmental Delay
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders such as fractures, torticollis, scoliosis, congenital hip dysplasia

what we can do:

Our Pediatric Rehabilitation program can assist by developing programs that are fun and engaging. This will be achieved through foundational play with our expert therapists in our unique facility to:

  • Facilitate motor development
  • Build muscle strength
  • Improve joint range of movement
  • Improve visual-spatial awareness
  • Improve coordination and control
  • Improve body awareness
  • Improve cardiorespiratory function
  • Address weight concerns
  • Improve day to day physical activity levels
  • Achieve functional goals set forth by Individual Program Plans

We look forward to giving your child an edge.

to get started book a Discovery Consultation with our therapists:

Our Discovery Consultation includes the opportunity to meet the therapists. We will introduce ourselves and begin building the therapeutic relationship with your child. On this date, together with the rapport building, we have the chance to discuss the goals of your child and share the treatments and strategies that are available. We will review your child’s history and gather important information that will inform a formal assessment. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that our therapists, services and facility are going to meet your child’s needs and your expectations prior to embarking on a full program.

Fee: $115

Time Required: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Call 780-466-1104 or email us to arrange a Discovery Consultation

Our Pediatric INTAKE FORMS can be found below

During the initial assessment your therapist will be taking the information gained in the Discovery Consultation and use the rapport gained with your child to gather more formal and objective information. We will use various obstacles, equipment and structured assessment measures but the process is fundamentally through play. This information will form the foundation of the treatment process and will further assist in developing goals and a plan to help your child reach them.  This assessment will formalize a treatment program for your child.

Fee : $275 (Without Discovery Consult) 

$155 (If attends Discovery Consultation)

Will include up to 2 outcome measures as determined by the initial consultation / meeting

Time Required: 1 hour (patient to arrive 5-10 minutes early and must have completed history forms in advance)

Treatment is very specific to each child and as such, various treatment one on one times are available based on the needs of your child.

The therapists will work with you and your child to determine which intervention (OT, PT or OT/PT) is most appropriate.

  • Each treatment will provide the therapist a set amount of time to assess your child’s progress and determine changes that may be needed in the program plan.
  • A pediatric assistant will carry out the remainder of the treatment in our facility. Each treatment will be approximately 1 hour.


Foundation (15 minutes one on one with OT or PT, up to 45 minutes with assistant): $85

Building (30 minutes one on one with OT or PT, up to 30 minutes with assistant): $120

Advanced (45 minutes one on one with OT or PT – remainder of time will be with assistant): $170

Complex (1 hour one on one with OT or PT): $225

These fees DO NOT include formal reporting of assessment findings. Any reporting will be in addition to the above fee guidelines set forth and will be billed at an hourly rate of $275.

Insurance Coverage: Our treatments are provided by registered Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. It is your responsibility to check with your 3rd party insurance provider to determine if you have coverage for the above services. We will endeavor to make the process as convenient as possible, but our priority is to ensure that the treatment and provider are the right choices to give your child the best opportunity to succeed.

Community Rehabilitation Funding: If your child has undergone surgery or sustained a fracture, we have limited access to AHS Community Rehab Funding. Your child must attend an assessment with our physical therapist within 6 weeks of surgery or 6 weeks of their cast/splint being removed.

Other Funding Avenues: We understand that children may have rehabilitation dollars available to them to assist with their functional development and success. Should you have access to other avenues of funding, we ask that you pay for the service and seek reimbursement for the service.

Please complete the following forms prior to attending:

Prior to your Discovery Consultation please download, print and complete our DISCOVERY/ASSESSMENT Intake Form Part 1 DOWNLOAD

Prior to the formal ASSESSMENT please download print and complete our DISCOVERY/ASSESSMENT Intake Form Part 2 DOWNLOAD