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Favorite 5 Golf Courses in Kelowna

Kelowna, nestled in the heart of British Columbia's stunning Okanagan Valley, is a golfer's paradise. Boasting breathtaking natural settings, rolling hills, and impeccable course designs, Kelowna offers a remarkable golfing ...

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Comedy Night

YUP IT'S US AGAIN: We are back again and getting more fun with age. We are pleased to be hosting the Leading Edge Comedy Gala October 13, 2018. What is it? This ...

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Tired and Heavy Legs?

Are you suffering from heavy and tired legs?  Is the circulation in your legs giving you problems getting around?  Then try Capilano’s Medical Compression Stockings for healthy legs. Chronic ...

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Fixing Groin Strains

Catching your skate in a rut or sudden changes in direction playing indoor soccer can place a mega-strain on your groin.  And if your groin is strained, you aren’t ...

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5 Most Popular Orthotics

 Finding the right pair of custom orthotics is obviously important to foot, ankle, and knee pain sufferers.  While Capilano’s professional staff always tailor their orthotics to your patho-mechanical ...

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