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There has to be more to work than waking up and putting in hours for a reward that we call money. It is this fact that drives our desire to create an environment that we now call Leading Edge Physiotherapy. We are inspired to make a difference in each person’s life through the care that we deliver, the environments in which we do it and the spirit and enthusiasm that we carry through our days. It is also this desire that thrusts us into the community to make an even bigger difference than we can make one person at a time. We strive to be continuously involved with local charities, events and organizations to make a difference in not only our clients, but our communities. We inherited a name that can impact our world in an amazing way. We will live up to that name in our interactions with patients, in our investment in technology and training and in our dedication to hiring the right people who share our values. To us, a treatment is more than just an hour of a patient’s life.

A brief history

With these thoughts, several partners set out to do things differently. Sharing our love for what we do and for reasons that are beyond simply earning a living, Heidi Fedoruk, Grant Fedoruk and Anita Cassidy bought a small clinic in St. Albert in 2008 and have have expanded it to multiple amazing locations with technology and care usually reserved for professional sports teams. We added our facility within the Royal Glenora Club in 2010 and expanded our comprehensive sports therapy program in addition to introducing our Vestibular Rehabilitation program. Leading Edge expanded its St. Albert location from 1300 square feet to over 4200 square feet and brought Western Canada’s first in-house rehabilitation aquatic therapy pool in 2013. In 2015, we continued to bring exclusive technology to Edmonton including the Alter-G Zero Gravity Treadmill. Recently we expanded St. Albert again to almost 15000 square feet and are proud to bring our brand of locally owned physiotherapy to a new facility near you!

Still delivering on our promise to live up to our name and *logo*

With Leading Edge Physiotherapy now in communities around Alberta including St. Albert, The Royal Glenora Club, Windermere, Capilano, Sherwood Park, Old Strathcona, Spruce Grove, Leduc and Downtown Calgary, we are delivering on our promise. Ever seeking new ways to help patients with their recovery, with their management of pain or with their aspirations to achieve a goal, these locations now include an aquatic therapy pool, zero gravity treadmill, radial shockwave, intra-muscular stimulation, acupuncture, pelvic health and other advanced treatment techniques. At Leading Edge Physiotherapy we believe life shouldn’t hurt.

We offer our edge, our technology, our training, our hearts and our people to every patient who walks through our doors.

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Our skilled and fun-to-be-around physiotherapists are devoted to showing you that we care, in an atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Learn more about our team and what we can do for you.

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"Had been experiencing continuous pain in my knee (especially when climbing/descending stairs) and seen a physiotherapist who was not able to provide treatment that would help to overcome the issue.  "

- D.B.

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