Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis


Simple:  $110 and a trip to Edmonton or $6 to download at home

I charge more than $110 for my first visit. During this visit, I assess and diagnose the problem and then spend the majority of the time discussing the management of it. You get the management advice for $6!

For this $6 you can get more than 20 minutes of my explanation and self management advice and you don’t have to come to Edmonton for it.

This is but an excerpt of the full professional video:

Download today for over 20 minutes of education and advice for a fraction of the cost of seeing me or any physio in person.

Learn the key stretch and taping technique that I have determined actually work through the thousands of cases that I have helped solve.

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Do you or someone that you know suffer from heel pain? In the case of plantar fasciitis, the pain is found below the heel and is most evident first thing in the morning and after getting up from sitting.

Our advice can work… Seriously, sometimes knowing is the key and for 6 bucks U.S. you can gather a more complete understanding of plantar fasciitis. From the cause, to treatment and prevention, if you or someone that you know has suffered from this condition, then our professionally produced video will inform you. Get the insight needed to tackle this condition from a physiotherapists perspective.


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