Carly McKay

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a smile that will make you feel better… before the treatment even starts


  • Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Queen’s University – 2017
  • Masters in Physical Therapy, McMaster University – 2020
  • Foundations in Oncology Rehabilitation, Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute – 2022
  • Dry Needling, Level 1, Acupuncture Canada – 2022
  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute – 2023
  • AA1 and AA2 Medical Acupuncture Accreditation, Acupuncture Foundation of Canada (ACC) – 2023


Carly grew up in St. Albert, spending the majority of her free time training in ballet and other forms of dance. She was fortunate enough to travel across Canada and USA, spending her summer training at prestigious schools such as Canada’s National Ballet School and the Juilliard School. When the decision to pursue a professional career as a ballet dancer or go to university came, Carly realized that she was meant to help others achieve their dreams and goals. She still loves dancing in her kitchen or a studio when she is not at the clinic. Her passion for helping people of all ages to get moving and have the fullest life is what wakes her up in the morning.

  • Favorite Music – anything earlier 2000s and upbeat
  • Movies she loves – not much of a movie girl, but she is a reality TV addict and expert!
  • Favorite sports/activities – due to her lack of hand-eye coordination, she never really excelled in sports but her go-to way to de-stress is ballet, pilates or yoga
  • Physio nickname – Car or Carl
  • Clinical Pet Peeve – being late or having a cluttered workspace
  • Something you may not know about her – she can quote almost every line from the office


Carly received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Queen’s University in 2017, always with the goal of pursuing physiotherapy as a career. She took a gap-year where she worked for Leading Edge as a physiotherapy assistant in St. Albert, getting to know more about the profession. After a year of working with some of the awesome physios in St. Albert, she headed to Hamilton to complete her Masters of Physical Therapy at McMaster University. She completed different clinical placements, finding fulfillment at her surgical oncology placement. Graduating in 2020 during a global pandemic, Carly stayed in Ontario for a little while before being called home to work again with Leading Edge in her new role. She has loved learning from all her mentors, especially Christy who has encouraged her to pursue cancer rehabilitation as a special interest. Carly’s goal is to help every patient with their individual goals, and help them better understand how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, long-term.

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