Sam Dalk


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fixing people isn’t his only strength!


  • Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Alberta – 2014
  • Masters in Physical Therapy, University of Alberta – 2016
  • Soft Tissue Release – 2016
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedic Division CPA Level 1 – 2016
  • AA1 and AA2 Medical Acupuncture Accreditation, Acupuncture Foundation of Canada (ACC) – 2018
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedic Division CPA Level 2 – 2018
  • On Point Dry Needling – 2019
  • SMART PT Spinal Manipulation – 2020
  • Gunn IMS Certification – 2021


Sam grew up in Edmonton and spent his youth and adolescence pursuing his wide array of athletic passions – lacrosse, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, and rowing to name a few. If you name a sport, Sam has probably tried it. His parents and teachers would tell you he spent his middle and high school years underachieving while having a little too much fun. This all changed and something clicked once Sam entered the Kinesiology faculty at the U of A. He knew that a job behind a desk would never be for him and his eyes were set on the medical field, so his studies in the BPE program, and work at that time as a personal trainer, created a logical pathway to his eventual career in physiotherapy. When he is not in the clinic (which is rare), you will find Sam in the gym, catching up on Netflix, or taking his bichon shih tzu, Herbert, out for a walk in his now home community of Sherwood Park.

  • Favorite books – A Song of Ice and Fire (infinitely better than the Game of Thrones TV show), The Alchemist
  • Favorite Music – Hard to choose – classic rock, EDM, country, metal. Favorite genre depends on the day.
  • Movies he/she loves – Sucker for a good sports movie – Friday Night Lights, Coach Carter, Rudy, etc
  • Favorite sports/activities – Lacrosse, weight lifting – odds are you will find Sam either at the clinic or Millenium Place during his waking hours monday through friday
  • What his physio assistants say about him – “The only thing bigger than his muscles is his heart”
  • Clinical Pet Peeve – he rarely sweats the small stuff but wouldn’t be surprised if his organized chaos approach to his work station creates pet peeves for others
  • Something you may not know about him/her – Sam continues to play lacrosse competitively for the Sr. Fort Saskatchewan Rebels of the RMLL. Sadly this is soon coming to an end as sprinting on concrete isn’t as kind to the knees at 30 vs 18.
  • Superhuman Talent– Confident he can prepare a better steak than the best steak house, but whether or not it rivals Grant’s remains to be seen.
  • Community connections – Sam has been an assistant coach of the Jr. B Fort Saskatchewan Rebels for 5 years. Giving back to the sport that gave him so many valuable mentors and memories is important to him.


Like many, Sam started his Leading Edge journey as a kinesiology practicum student under Heidi and Scott in 2014. Upon completion of his undergrad, Sam wasted no time and continued on with his Masters degree in physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. After graduating in 2016 and gaining experience elsewhere, Sam returned to Leading Edge 7 years later. In this time, Sam had completed a wide variety of post graduate courses – including acupuncture, concussion rehab, advanced orthopaedics, spinal manipulation, and Gunn IMS. He has brought a large toolbox of treatment techniques to serve his community of Sherwood Park, which he is also a resident of, having moved to from Edmonton in 2016. Looking back, he has experienced tremendous growth in a short time frame and is eager to see where his skills will be after this next chapter of his physiotherapy journey with Leading Edge.

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  • Fracture & Surgery Recovery

    Patients are often surprised to find out that following the immobilization period after a surgery or broken bone that their body part is nowhere near “normal.” For several reasons removing the cast, sling or stitches is not an instant fix, there are many steps in between that need to be followed to ensure an optimal and complete recovery.

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  • Radial Shockwave

    At Leading Edge Physiotherapy we offer the Swiss DolorClast® Master, a state-of-the-art technology that delivers a pneumatically generated high pressure sound wave that travels through the skin and into inflamed tissues and bone. This treatment shows significant results for chronic conditions and our 8 years of experience with it is included.

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  • Intramuscular Stimulation

    Leading Edge Physiotherapy is pleased to offer IMS – Intra-Muscular Stimulation to our patients. Although IMS uses implements adapted from traditional acupuncture, it is based on scientific western medical neurophysiological principles and techniques aimed at increasing circulation, releasing shortened muscles and desensitizing nerves.

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  • Whiplash Response Regimen

    Return to activity is key to your recovery and we have several tools that will assist with this. In addition to physical therapy interventions, we combine on-site acupuncture, IMS, Graston Technique, mobilization, patient/condition specific exercise and our own in-house whiplash protocols to guide you in your recovery. Just as you want and expect an exceptional repair of your vehicle by experienced auto body experts with the latest technology, you should expect the same and more for the people you trust with your body.

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  • Zero Gravity Treadmill

    Stress fractures, torn ligaments, torn muscles, lower extremity surgeries, tendinosis and many more conditions will keep a person from weight-bearing without pain. These conditions prevent walking, running and sometimes even standing. Our Alter-G Zero Gravity Treadmill looks and acts like a bounce castle for the lower body. The Alter-G uses “unweighting technology” that can make you feel up to 80 percent lighter. This in turn allows for an accelerated recovery in a protected environment and with less downtime.

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