Leading Edge Operations Manager

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Emily - Leading Edge Physiotherapy

has a spirit, gusto, smile and passion that sums up the leading edge experience

Emily is our longest running employee. She started with us before she could legally go to bars. Beginning as a receptionist in St. Albert, our second choice quickly adopted the values and spirit that Leading Edge stands on. Since our humble beginnings, Emily has transitioned from receptionist to running our St. Albert clinic as a manager and then on to assisting with our latest start-up in Windermere. Emily now acts as our company’s operations manager. She does this from our Windermere location. Emily lives 10 seconds from the St. Albert clinic, but she chooses to drive across the city to Windermere because she enjoys Jon’s cheesy one liners so much. Thank goodness for Rugby because the most exercise she’s done besides on the pitch is being in the Leading Edge videos for the Swim X and Alter G. The Swim X is 30 seconds long and the alter G is just under a minute.


  • Favorite book –Dog Lovers Monthly
  • Favorite sport – Rugby. Playing, watching, and drinking beer on the rugby club patio. (These are all considered sports to a rugby player)
  • Favorite movie – One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – which is loosely based on her childhood
  • Favorite Hobby – Combing her dog’s hair (a Sheepdog/Poodle cross)
  • Clinical Pet Peeve – When people don’t laugh at her jokes, especially if it’s the 7th time she’s told it. This is also why she loves working with Jon and Grant because at least her jokes have the possibility of getting a laugh.
  • Something you may not know about her – Her full name is Emelia. She’s named after her Uncle Mel. True story but don’t call her Mel.
  • Staff say – It takes a lot to get her angry, as hard as they try sometimes.
  • Superhuman Talent – Burying her anger. People think it takes a lot for her to get mad, but one day…