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Listen: On Being a Special Olympian with Guest Leanne Loewen

Join us today as we delve into the inspiring journey of Leanne Loewen, a distinguished Special Olympian with a remarkable record of medal achievements. For over two decades, Leanne has passionately pursued the sport of bowling, showcasing an unwavering dedication to her craft. Currently boasting an impressive average score of 167 in 5-pin bowling, Leanne’s commitment to excellence is evident. Through persistent practice and determination, she has amassed a notable collection of medals, symbolizing her outstanding accomplishments on the lanes.

Having successfully attained her goal of competing at the Nationals and clinching a Bronze medal, Leanne now sets her sights on the pinnacle of her aspirations: representing her country at Worlds . Join us as we delve into Leanne’s captivating journey through the world of bowling and her participation in the Special Olympics, where she continues to strive for excellence and chase her dreams.

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