Luke Doherty

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being a nerd just got a whole lot cooler – our cfo


Luke grew up in a small farm town outside of Kitchener, Ontario.  Like every other child his age he wanted to become a professional hockey player.  After realizing he wasn’t that good at hockey, Luke took an affinity to numbers and investing.  At the age of 11 Luke invested his paper-route money in mutual funds and enjoyed calculating his ROI from the weekly mutual fund prices listed in the newspaper he delivered.  As he got older, Luke got more involved in his father’s accounting business and enjoyed learning about the numbers behind operating a business. Throughout his career, Luke has worked in various Analytics, Finance, and Leadership roles at large corporate entities.  Leading Edge allows Luke to marry his passion for numbers with his original love for sports.  Though he’ll never be a professional hockey player, Leading Edge does give Luke the opportunity to be the next best thing – a mascot (Zander).

  • Favorite books –  Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner, Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • Movies he/she loves – Remember the Titans
  • Favorite sports/activities –  Going for long dog walks around the neighborhood, which his wife Emily likes to call “hot girl walks.” Luke was also a rower for McMaster University, but was well known for stopping the boat to vomit.
  • Physio nickname – “Spreadsheet”
  • Something you may not know about him/her – His license says he’s exactly 6 feet tall, however he does not consent to being measured
  • Superhuman Talent– Is consuming ungodly amounts of cheese while being lactose intolerant but still suffering the consequences a superhuman talent?
  • Community connections – While in Toronto, Luke is actively involved in a local charity, but while in Edmonton, Luke has aspiring dreams to become Zander full time.


Luke started his path to Leading Edge through a one-off phone call from a friend.  He mentioned there was a crazy guy named Grant who lived in Edmonton that was looking for a numbers guy to join his business.  A few days later, Luke was on a red-eye flight to Edmonton where everything changed.   After a whirlwind 24 hours Luke knew he had to be a part of Leading Edge.  Luke has worked at and led divisions for some of the largest companies in Canada, but always felt like a c0g in a massive wheel.  Leading Edge felt completely different to Luke – their passion for helping their community through RunWild and Zebra matched Luke’s passion for charity involvement.  He felt Leading Edge provided incredible service, wanted to give back to their community, and genuinely cared about every hire they made.  It was a perfect match.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Luke feels at home working alongside the incredible physiotherapists that share the same passion to expand and grow their knowledge.  Luke is an accomplished technology, analytics, and finance professional.  Luke has demonstrated experience in developing, growing, and managing high-functioning teams through periods of rapid growth. Professionally, Luke has led the rollout of advanced technology across some of Canada’s most recognizable brands and specializes in leading complex projects.  Luke holds an Honours BA in Economics from McMaster University and various other finance certifications.

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