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Nagging Shoulder & Throwing Injuries?

Greg Krook, BScPT

Do you suffer from a sore shoulder or rotator cuff?  Does throwing or reaching hurt almost every time?  Capilano’s Sports Rehab Physical Therapy team has enjoyed treating the sports injuries of elite and recreational athletes for over 20 years.   We have successfully helped NHL, CFL, WHL, Olympians, Team Canada, CIS, ACAC, pro baseball and high school athletes return to action quickly and safely.

Edmonton Sport Physiotherapists

Greg Krook is one of Capilano’s Sport Rehab team’s senior members.  He is an Edmonton Sport Physiotherapist with a professional interest in treating shoulder and running injuries.  Greg has his Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta.  He combines gentle manual therapy with up to date therapeutic modalities, including Capilano’s new K-Laser System.

If your sore throwing shoulder or elbow is keeping you away from your baseball or volleyball team, give Capilano Rehab Physical Therapy Clinic in Edmonton a call at 780-466-1104 to book your examination. Let us help you wake up to pain free living.


Capilano Rehab Centre | Physical Therapy Capilano physical therapists have provided state-of-the-art physical therapy, sports physiotherapy, back pain, WCB, accident, whiplash and injury rehab to clients in Edmonton for over 10 years.

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