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Team 1260 Live at Capilano Rehab

Minnesota Forward Matt Kassian and Edmonton Oiler Taylor Fedun

Capilano Rehab Centre was the proud host of the Team 1260 Jason Gregor Show Live on location this past week. Jason’s special guests included Minnesota Wild forward, Matt Kassian, and Edmonton Oiler defenseman, Taylor Fedun.  In addition to signing autographs and having pictures taken with friends, clients, and staff of Capilano Rehab, both Matt and Taylor talked about the importance of physiotherapy and other sports rehab treatment programs.<

NHLers Talk Sport Physiotherapy

Taylor noted how physiotherapy was essential to his recovery from a fractured femur last year and discussed his past and present training program.

Matt spoke about how Capilano physiotherapist and Gunn Certified IMS practitioner, Danny Wills, has helped him maintain his low back and hip flexibility through IMS treatments.

Capilano Sports Injury Services

Capilano’s Sports Rehab team has been treating the sports injuries of recreational and elite athletes for over 20 years.  We have successfully helped NHL, CFL, WHL, Olympians, Team Canada, CIS, ACAC, Brier, and others return to action quickly and safely.

Capilano is an authorized provider of physiotherapy services for the WCB and CRP.  No medical referral is required.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes

We would like to thank Matt and Taylor for making the afternoon a tremendous success and we wish them all the best as they continue to prepare for training camp!


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