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The Inaugural Leading Edge Blog – The Leading Edge Story

What better way for us to begin our blogging than to tell our story.  How and why did Leading Edge Physiotherapy begin?  Where did the name come from?  What makes us Leading Edge?  Can we live up to the name?

How and why did Leading Edge Physiotherapy begin?IMG_3176

After almost two years in operation we realize that this clinic/family has been 10 years in the making.  Heidi Fedoruk began practicing in St. Albert 9 years ago.  Bringing her caring and gifted hands to so many in the community, it was only logical that at some point she would make her way in a setting that she could be proud to call her own.  Heidi has treated many of her dear patients for various injuries since the first days of her own practice.  Two years ago Heidi had decided that it was time to make a long time plan a reality.  Her husband, and author of this story, was prepared to make the transition to clinic owner, although the timing might have been a little better.  After all, Heidi and I were expecting our first child amidst the decision to take on this wonderful challenge.

The Leading Edge facility existed in the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club under the ownership and management of a local physiotherapist.  Heidi and I decided to approach the owner, in the hopes that she may consider selling the practice.  Fortunately, the present owner was in the midst of her own transition, being an owner of another successful practice in Edmonton, and she agreed to a sale of the practice.

Where did the name come from?

It already existed.  It had components that both Heidi and I liked and believed in and decided that it was a name that we could be proud to live up to.

It seems so easy, to write this history in just 2 paragraphs, but the reality of starting a “new practice” and having a “new born” at the same time has had its challenges.  I must admit that they share some similarities.  Both like to wake us up at night for reasons that we can’t figure out; both need to be cared for and loved; both cost us plenty of money (gotta love those banks!); both are turning out to be better experiences than we could have imagined; and both have become what they are today due to much appreciated support of our families, partners and the St. Albert community that we are proud to be business owners in.

Along came Anita CassidyAnita Headshot 2

Not long after the addition of Lori, 1 month in fact, Anita Cassidy, made the decision to become a partner in our endeavor.  Heidi and I have known Anita since she was a student with Heidi, 7 years ago.  It was at that time that we both knew Anita had a gift.  She has deep routes in Sturgeon County, and as patients learn quickly, a big heart and smile to go with it.  Both Anita and Lori bring different personalities that help to make the Leading Edge atmosphere fun and “original.”   Having partners who practice at Leading Edge, you can be assured that they all have a vested interest in our patient’s care, and Leading Edge Reputation.

What makes us Leading Edge?

Without question, it’s the people.

To answer my last question…  Can we live up to the name?

It’s a challenge that we are proud to tackle.  Since our inception, we have added several technologies that can certainly be considered Leading Edge.  These include Radial Shockwave and Graston Technique.  Additionally, all of our Partners have invested in their own skills by taking advanced training in orthotics, acupuncture and now Intramuscular Stimulation.  It will require that we continue to seek out new treatments and ways to make our patients and this community better faster.  Treatment at Leading Edge Physiotherapy ultimately needs to be Leading Edge, or we need to change our name!

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