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Walk Away from Foot, Knee and Back Pain

As you walk, jog or run, your feet strike the ground with pressure from your body’s weight. Up to three times your entire body weight lands on your feet—up to 15,000 times a day— enough to take you around the world 4 times in a normal lifetime! If your feet are out of alignment, this can cause a bad chain reaction that works its way up. Researchers have shown that at some point in their lives, 75% of the people will suffer from foot-related problems, which can result in pain or discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, or lower back. If your feet are not perfectly and bio-mechanically correct and in 100% alignment, do you wonder why you suffer?

Here’s how the Footmaxx™ System works to alleviate all those aches and pain associated with foot-related problems.

You walk across a computerized force plate that’s connected to  a computer. The mat has 960 electronic sensor points built into it.

As you walk, the force plate captures the motion and timing of your foot throughout the gait cycle.  This data is analyzed by the computer to produce instant 2d and 3D graphic images of the pressures under your feet that you can see on the screen. The same information is then sent to Footmaxx™ via modem where sophisticated diagnostic software specifies the prescription for your custom orthotics and can generate a comprehensive gait and pressure analysis.

There is a secret to making orthotics that give you exactly the right correction and accurate measurements or the way you walk. In the past, doctors relied on plaster of foam casts to get a static impression of the feet. However, these cast and record only the shape of the foot at rest, not bearing any weight.

The Footmaxx™ System helps your practitioner analyze your gait and prescribe the proper orthotics to help your feet function better. Footmaxx™ orthotics are thin and light weight. They fit easily and discreetly into your existing footwear. You can wear your most stylish shoes, and still get the proper support and correction from Footmaxx™ Orthotics. Footmaxx™ orthotics provide superior control and correction for foot and gait abnormalities. Custom made especially for you, Footmaxx™ orthotics will correct and improve the way your feet strike the ground, enhancing your natural movement and helping your feet move more efficiently.

Diabetic Orthotics

Diabetic patients need to take extra precautions when it comes to foot care because of the many diabetic foot complications, combined with poor biomechanics, these can lead to severe repercussions to the health of your feet, including calluses, Hammer toes, ulcers and potential surgery. Screening with the Footmaxx™ system helps practitioner maintain a pro-active standard of care for their patients.

Arthritic Orthotics

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage that covers joint surfaces deteriorates, causing bone to rub against bone, and leading to pain and loss of movement. Footmaxx™ has developed a specific line of arthritic orthotics to aid patients through out the stages of arthritis. The arthritic orthotics can accommodate any existing deformity, provide increased shock absorption, and control foot function. The use of orthotics which combined these properties appears to reduce inflammation in the joints of lower limbs. Their judicious use for patients with arthritis may help to slow the deterioration of the joints in the feet.


“Heather and Nancy are friendly and knowledgeable with the process of evaluating and assessing the need for orthotics, and the product choices.  The orthotics are comfortable and a worthwhile investment.  I highly recommend seeing this team at Capilano Rehab Centre.” ~~ Robert



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