edge learning: heel pain

to promote continued client care in the comfort of your own home, we offer a collection of videos and e-books.

Navigating the massive amounts of information online about injuries, conditions and do-it yourself treatments can be daunting in todays digital age. Using certain online resources can be fraught with outdated, poor quality or in some circumstances wrong information. While, we are not able to diagnose your condition without seeing you, and we won’t claim that we can cure you without treating you in person, we can offer to you several professional resources to help with your understanding and even management of your problem.

Using our online videos and e-books, you will be able to get a digital physiotherapy information guide to your injury or condition. Our videos provide similar educational information as one would get attending our clinic in person. Please remember that we are not offering to treat or diagnose your problem but rather we offer our knowledge, experience and information about our treatment approach to the conditions below.

In utilizing our videos we hope that you may:

  • Learn about the injury, disease or condition
  • Gain insight into what information, signs and symptoms lead us to a diagnosis
  • Gather information as to how to manage the problem independently