Farrah Hasham


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pediatrics is a big word for kids but who said “kids physio” couldn’t be fun?


  • Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Science with Distinction with specialization in  Psychology, University of Alberta – 2004
  • Masters in Physical Therapy, University of Alberta – 2007
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedic Division CPA Level 1 – 2006
  • Mackenzie Part A: Lumbar Spine – 2006
  • AADL authorizer certification – 2008
  • AA1 and AA2 Medical Acupuncture Accreditation, Acupuncture Foundation of Canada (ACC) – 2016
  • Dancepl3y Preschool Instructor Training Course – 2018


Farrah was born and raised in St. Albert, and grew up with the dream of becoming a famous artist. However, after working her first summer job coaching kids’ tennis at the Kinsmen she quickly changed her tune and knew she wanted to work towards helping people learn new skills and improve their health. That drive, combined with her passion for working with children, eventually led her towards a career in pediatric physiotherapy. Farrah was lucky enough to work with Heidi Fedoruk during one of her first student practicum placements in physio school, which was prior to the inception of Leading Edge. Farrah is thrilled that her career path has brought her back to working with her favorite preceptor Heidi, along with an incredible team of therapists and staff at Leading Edge! In her spare time, Farrah loves playing ball hockey and tennis. She continues to foster a love of fine art, and often paints and draws to help her wind down. Farrah is a thrift shopping aficionado, so come and find her if you want to discover some hidden gems!

  • Favorite books – Anything Jane Austin is always a winner! And also graphic novels – Y the Last Man is a great one
  • Favorite Music – 50’s classics, rap, R&B, electronic, new age – pretty much anything and everything.
  • Movies he/she loves – Anne of Green Gables – she rewatches it every Christmas.
  • Favorite sports/activities – Tennis, Ball Hockey, Hiking
  • Physio nickname – Miss Flowers (from a lovely little patient who couldn’t pronounce her real name!)
  • What her physio assistants say about her – organized sometimes to the point of OCD.
  • Clinical Pet Peeve – General disarray (she’s a bit of a neat freak – luckily her peds counterpart Tamara is the same way).
  • Something you may not know about him/her – She’s a die hard Trekkie, in particular the Next Generation series – also a huge comic book nerd.
  • Superhuman Talent– Can draw a mean dump truck which really impresses her son!
  • Community connections – Long standing volunteer with the You Can Ride Two Program; team lead for the annual free Canada Day Breakfast at the Legislature


Farrah received her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2007. In 2011, she was nominated by her colleagues at the Glenrose for the Alberta Rehabilitation Awards. She then completed the Anatomical Acupuncture certification program through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 2017. In her final year of physio school, she received the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Award for Excellence in Pediatrics. Since graduating, Farrah has worked across numerous different settings and specialties within the area of pediatrics. She started her career at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital where she worked for 15 years (and continues to work a shift here and there on a casual basis). She has also worked with the Edmonton Public School Board Pre-Kindergarten program and the University of Alberta. Farrah started her career at Leading Edge Physiotherapy in 2020 working in the pediatric program. Farrah’s favorite part about working at Leading Edge is the challenge and privilege of working with children of all ages who present with a variety of different diagnoses and goals. Farrah is a big kid at heart, and loves being able to play and have fun at work every day. Your child has the opportunity to thrive with her skills and care.

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