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Capilano Concussion Care


Concussion RehabCapilano Rehab offers concussion evaluation and post-concussion management through a professional team supervised by Primary Health Provider Physiotherapists who are dedicated to safe recovery.   At Capilano, whether you are a teen, adult, or senior, our goal is to accurately evaluate your symptoms and reduce the long-term impacts of concussion syndrome on your health regardless of the particular cause. 

Concussion Injuries

A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain that is caused by a bump or blow to the head.  It can also be caused but by a jolt to the body, such as whiplash in an auto accident.  If not dealt with appropriately, a concussion can lead to long-lasting complications. Therefore, it is very important to seek care from a professional with training and experience in acute care and management of concussions, including post-concussion syndrome. 

 Capilano’s Concussion Cluster-Care Approach

Our Capilano Team has specific training and clinical experience in post- concussion care and we are able to systematically assess your present situation using a modified R2P Score, a Standardized Concussion Rehabilitation Tool.  We believe that Physical Therapists can accurately evaluate cervicogenic, vestibular, visitibulo-ocular, sensory integration, and autonomic nervous system disruptions that present with concussion or suspected events.  Any severe neurological impairment results in immediate referral for further medical investigation.

Capilano Concussion Care Program

Here is our program summary:

Athlete Baseline Testing.  This baseline test is a test for healthy athletes in any sport which is typically completed at the start of the competitive season.  In the event of a concussion or suspected concussion, the athlete is re-tested and results are compared to develop a proper diagnosis as well as design a safe return to play decisions.

Post-Concussion Assessment and Testing.  This testing is for those who have sustained a suspected concussion. The components of this examination involve evaluating the suspected injury mechanism, specific symptoms, upper cervical examination, ocular motor analysis, balance analysis, and vestibular assessment.

Integrated Care and Recovery.  Capilano’s Concussion Cluster-Care approach allows us to customize a recovery program to your particular post-concussion manifestation.  For example, you may in fact not have a concussion but instead suffer from a vestibular problem that could be corrected by a very simple treatment procedure.  We re-test to ensure that you are making progress with treatment and if needed, we obviously will refer you for further medical investigation

Graduated Return to Activity.  We employ a conservative “crawl, walk, run” strategy that is also customized to your symptom presentation and recovery curve.

If you would like to schedule a baseline concussion assessment, or post-injury concussion syndrome assessment and treatment, call Capilano today at 780-466-1104 and let us help you wake up to concussion-free living!



Capilano Rehab Centre | Physical Therapy Capilano physical therapists have provided state-of-the-art physical therapy, sports physiotherapy, back pain, WCB, accident, whiplash and injury rehab to clients in Edmonton for over 10 years.

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