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Celebrating National Physiotherapy Month

National Physiotherapy Week began over thirty years ago and changed from a week to a month in 2000.  Capilano Rehab is excited to celebrate the 2015 Physiotherapy Month with physiotherapists in the Edmonton and surrounding area.

National Physiotherapy Month exists for the Physiotherapy profession to promote the following:

  • Physiotherapy Helps People: Physiotherapists help people when they’re hurt. They help them to prevent injury, and they help them better manage pain and existing conditions.  
  • Physiotherapy Offers Varied Treatment Options:  Physiotherapists help patients get rid of pain, retain function and remain active.  That ranges from treatments such as therapeutic exercise to intramuscular stimulation, to acupuncture, to laser therapy, to balance and vestibular rehabilitation.

Capilano’s Physiotherapy Team is honored to celebrate National Physiotherapy Month. And Capilano Physiotherapists offer adults, teens, and seniors in Edmonton personalized pain relief solutions combined with state-of-the-art, progressive, rehabilitation treatment techniques and high quality care.

Whether you’ve suffered a sprain or strain or are suffering from chronic neck pain, back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain, Capilano Rehab is here for you!


Capilano Rehab Centre | Physical Therapy Capilano physical therapists have provided state-of-the-art physical therapy, sports physiotherapy, back pain, WCB, accident, whiplash and injury rehab to clients in Edmonton for over 10 years.

5832 Terrace Rd Edmonton, AB. T6A 3Y8

(780) 466-1104


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