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Cognitive Rehabilitation – The Brain Needs to Flex Too

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) focuses on the development of cognitive skills, which have been lost or altered as a result of neurological trauma. The aim of treatment is to improve the ability to carry out everyday tasks. The process includes development of skills through direct retraining or practicing the underlying cognitive skills, use of internal compensatory strategies, use of external aids, education about the problems, causes and implications, and application of all of this in everyday life.

CRT uses process training or practice of various cognitive tasks to optimise the ease with which functions can be performed. It uses consistent and structured activities designed to improve cognitive skills through re-routing information around non-damaged neural pathways in the brain.

Traumatic / Acquired Brain Injury
At Leading Edge Physiotherapy, we use the Brain Enhancement and Recovery System (BEARS) for treatment of traumatic and acquired brain injury. BEARS is designed to help patients do more than just compensate after brain injury. It utilizes a neuroplasticity-based, researched program designed to help everyone improve their quality of life. Neuroplasticity means that the brain can and does repair itself and change in response to damage caused by an injury or illness.

The BEARS program utilizes a 4-pillar approach which includes cognitive exercises, aerobic exercise, mindfulness, and progress tracking to help you achieve your health goals more effectively. It can help you target a wide range of cognitive challenges, including memory, reasoning, fatigue, focus, and the ability to organize and plan. It differs from other cognitive programs, in that it:
1. Addresses struggles at the root cause by retraining your brain
2. Raises return-to-work chances from about 40% to 77%
3. Provides the support needed to get better results
4. Focuses on the day-to-day experiences that you have at home and work
5. Can be done virtually from home

You can benefit from BEARS if you:

  • Have sustained a traumatic brain injury or concussion
  • Have an acquired brain injury from stroke or overdose
  • Are experiencing brain fog after COVID-19 infection or other illnesses
  • Are experiencing cognitive decline, either from aging or other causes
  • Struggle with anxiety or depression
  • Want to enhance your athletic performance
  • Want to enhance your cognitive performance in other areas, including work.

At Leading Edge Physiotherapy we focus on addressing your specific cognitive challenges and rebuilding your capacities through neuroplastic programming, instead of only employing compensatory strategies. The goal is to help our clients actually regain the abilities they’ve lost and improve their overall quality of life.

Instead of seeking to help you live within your newly limited capabilities, we want to help you return to succeeding in work and school, and participating in the activities you love.

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