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Cold Weather Orthotics

Winter Crampons

Rain. Snow. Sleet. Shine. Your feet slosh and slog through it all during our long fall and winter seasons. Capilano is pleased to introduce a new line of Comfortmaxx™ with Versawool™ orthotics. The Comfortmaxx™ orthotics are perfect for patients who want extra warmth, comfort and biomechanical support.

Whether you need them for your work-boots, winter boots, or outdoor running footwear, Capilano’s Certified Pedorthist uses an advanced computer scanning system that measures your feet dynamically while you are walking. This helps make an accurate diagnosis of your foot related problems.

If you have issues like fallen arches, heel pain, bunions, metatarsalgia, or just tired aching feet, the custom orthotics Capilano prescribes, based on the comprehensive examination and scan, can help your feet move more comfortably and effectively.

Capilano Rehab supports your every step in every season. Call us today at 780-466-1104 to book your no obligation dynamic gait analysis.


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