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it’s our people: heidi’s cookie recipe might heal too


Heidi, the resident clinic mother and baker, chose her career at the age of 14 after attending physio for an ankle injury.  After that, anytime she drove past Corbett Hall, the home of Rehabilitation Medicine at the U of A, she announced “that is where I will go to school, meet the man of my dreams and have wedding pictures on the lawn.”  She got into the physio program at age 17, met Grant and had engagement pictures on the lawn at their graduation.  In retrospect, she wishes she would have asked for a million dollars while she was at it, as obviously someone was answering her dreams.

  • Favorite Books – Memoirs of a Geisha and Snowflower and the Secret Fan
  • Favorite Music – Anything, but especially country (Ugggggh says Grant)
  • Useless Talent – Heidi can say the alphabet faster backwards than forwards and can make her little toe move outward in isolation from the others…  Try it, it’s not easy!
  • Thing she is most known for – crying, even at IGA openings as her family can attest
  • Something else you may not know about her – she was in French immersion, speaks some German, and is a wicked tap dancer
  • Most embarrassing moment(s) –  oh, so many stories, ask her to describe her “shake it out moment” at a hairdresser, or the time she sold her car, or the time she flew first class with a chocolate in her lap, or the time she split her pants at work. Heidi believes that if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
  • Favorite Places – Maui, the cabin and Jasper
  • Favorite day of the year – her annual christmas party with Santa, christmas carols and of course, good food
  • Clinical pet peeve – when someone tells a joke and she can’t hear the punch line through the soundproof curtains
  • Most thankful for – Anything chocolate, especially Toblerone, Snickers and Turtles (of course, tied with quiet moments reading to her daughters Darby and Wynn!)
  • Staff at the clinic say – “She looks sweet and innocent but don’t let it fool you.  This physiotherapist is one tough mommy who has experience, knowledge and lots of cheesy jokes.”
  • Superhuman trait – Heidi has the ability to make you laugh and enjoy a treatment session, even when every instinct you have suggests you should have been swearing out loud!

At Leading Edge we go to all lengths to make sure our people have the right mix of skill, personality, caring and passion to make a difference in your life. We are people too. We have goals and barriers to them. Get to know the rest of the team and find the right person for you.


Heidi Fedoruk

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