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Expanded Psychology Services: Dr. Ray Seutter


001_originalCapilano has expanded their Psychology, Pain Management, and Counseling service hours.  Whether you require individual or couples therapy, or a chronic pain assessment, Capilano will provide you a personalized and modern therapy program that is grounded in old-fashioned care.

Capilano’s Psychology Services are led by Dr. Ray Seutter.

Dr. Seutter is a registered psychologist with over twenty-five (25) years of practice and experience.

He has a special interest in treating depression, anxiety, burnout and post-traumatic stress disorders.  He also performs chronic pain assessments and pain management training.

In addition to individual treatment, Dr. Seutter also offers marital and family therapy to couples experiencing interpersonal difficulties.

Dr. Seutter is a sought after speaker and lecturer and has published peer reviewed articles on burnout and mood disorders.  He has advised various companies on conflict resolution, team building, and stress management. 

Dr. Seutter has opened his schedule to take new patients and you are welcome to call Capilano directly at 780-466-1104 to book your appointment.


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