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Put Back Pain Behind You

back PainDo you have a bulging disc?  Do you suffer from low back pain that gets worse when you sit or bend forward?  Low back pain is one of the most common health problems in adults. Most episodes of back pain are temporary, resulting from strains of the muscles and/or ligaments that support the spinal motion segments.  However, sometimes a bulging or herniated disc puts pressure on a spinal nerve which in turn can produce painful sciatica.

Some people can find back pain relief with self-treatment including exercise, ice, heat and anti-inflammatory medications. However, others are not able to manage their pain and symptoms and require the diagnostic and treatment expertise of an experienced Physical Therapist.

Capilano Rehab Centre is a local leader with a reputation of excellence in the treatment of low back pain and injury — ranging from simple sprains and strains to complex and chronic problems. Capilano Therapists take a comprehensive approach to treatment, employing the latest treatment technologies and minimally invasive techniques, resulting in a reduction of low back pain.

In addition to basic physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, Capilano Rehab offers an advanced low back treatment combination of Spinal Decompression, K-Laser™ and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS). And this all comes with a commitment to old-fashioned care and service.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from low back pain, call Capilano today at 780-466-1104.  Let us help you put your back pain behind you!


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