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Graston Available At Capilano

If your chronic and stubborn sore spots have not responded satisfactorily to rest and exercise, Graston Technique (GT) soft-tissue mobilization may be a physiotherapy treatment for you. 

How Does Graston Work?

Graston is a therapy that uses hand-held stainless steel instruments to mobilize restricted soft tissue.  When you strain a tendon or ligament, or have experienced too much repetitive stress, your body lays down granular micro-scar tissue in an attempt to heal and/or protect the area.  However, instead of helping, this cross-hatch repair can disrupt further blood flow and cause the tendon or ligament to become adherent to other tissue and lose flexibility.  The various Graston instruments can break down the adhesions and allow the affected area to get back its flexibility and strength.

What Problems Can Graston Help?

Graston can be beneficial for the following nagging problems:

  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Chronic Ankle Sprain
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Post-Surgical Scar Tissue Adhesion
  • IT Band Syndrome

At Capilano, their professional therapy staff incorporates GT with other treatment components, including interferential stimulation, joint mobilization, and injury-specific therapeutic exercise in order to promote additional scar release, fiber re-alignment and strength.

Capilano Rehab is an Official Graston Provider

Capilano has been providing GT services for over a decade.  If you have a stubborn sore spot, please call Capilano at 780-466-1104 today to book your physiotherapy appointment.



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