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Radial Shockwave for Frozen Shoulder

EVO Blue shoulderFrozen shoulder is a painful condition in which the shoulder, in the absence of demonstrable trauma, quickly gets very stiff and sore.  Even small sudden movements can shoot a lightning bolt of pain through the shoulder and arm.  Not only can this problem render recreational activities such as throwing, playing tennis, or swinging a golf club impossible, it can also stop you from scratching or washing your back and sleeping on your shoulder.


Frozen shoulder is a slang term for what is more properly referred to as “adhesive capsulitis.”  It can occur in association with a tendinitis or bursitis and is more common in people over 40 years of age.  The actual causation is still unclear, but the shoulder joint capsule, surrounding ligaments and tendons, gradually adhere to each other and produce the pain and stiffness.  The problem can easily last from 6 months to 2 years.  Obviously, this may not be acceptable to most people, especially those with active lifestyles.


Some frozen shoulder patients respond to cortisone injections while others may benefit from gentle physiotherapy mobilization and flexibility exercises as well as the application of various neuromuscular stimulations.


However, for those who do not respond to conventional approaches and the condition is well over three months, the new Swiss Dolorclast® EVO-BLUE Radial Shockwave application may be a practical treatment option for frozen shoulder.  The EVO-BLUE generates a deep cavitation which is considered a central therapeutic mechanism on inflamed and adherent musculoskeletal tissue.   This Radial Shockwave application can result in shoulder pain relief and increased tissue flexibility.  

Depending on the individual presentation of loss of movement and functional restrictions, Capilano’s experience with this new approach is that patients with frozen shoulder will usually need a minimum of four to six sessions, which are applied on a weekly basis. 


The effectiveness and safety of Radial Shockwave has been demonstrated in various clinical studies according to the principles of evidence-based medicine and is being advocated as a meaningful treatment modality for chronic pain, including but not limited to: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, Jumper’s knee, hip bursitis, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder.

Capilano Rehab Centre is a local leader in the application of RSWT and has over a decade of experience in administering pain relief treatments.  If you are suffering from chronic frozen shoulder, you may benefit from Capilano’s Radial Shockwave.

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