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Head Over Heels Summer Orthotics

JustBaja Orthotic 2016 admit it.  Your feet were made for walking.  And running.  And climbing.  But foot pain secondary to biomechanical disorders can cause your heels, ankles, and arches to put you on the couch instead of the great outdoors.

Capilano is pleased to offer a full line of summer orthotic products, including the Footmaxx Expedition™ and Baja Beach Ready Flip Flops, which can help you enjoy the lake, hiking trails, or sidewalks pain-free!

Expedition for the Mountains

Your feet will find the Expedition irresistible. This orthotic has super strong yet lightweight carbon fiber module that can fit into hiking boots and runners.  Its silver-infused X-STATIC® top cover contains moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep your feet cool and clean. Best of all, Expedition’s PORON XRD mid-layer absorbs up to 90% of shock upon impact.

Hit the Waves with the Baja

Capilano also offers waterproof Baja custom milled flip-flops that feature a super shock-absorbing foam foot-bed for protecting your feet, a slip-resistant bottom for safety and a silky, chafe-free nylon thong for comfort.  It’s perfect for the summer fun at the beach and beyond.

It’s This Easy: Call Capilano

If your painful feet are keeping home, give Capilano a call today at 780-466-1104 and book your no obligation biomechanical gait analysis.  Let us help you wake up to pain-free living!


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