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The Spa at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Early Autumn at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Located in the amazing Jasper National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge offers more than just an amazing hotel and golf course. Sitting on over 700 acres of pristine nature, the Lodge has updated its spa services and physical location within the hotel. I have spent several hours over the years in this spa and so I am pleased to offer a review of my last visit.

Service attended

I booked for a relaxation massage and was promptly and politely offered several appointment times that were available on the weekend of our trip. It is worthwhile calling in advance to make sure that you are able to get a time and the exact treatment style that you are looking for.

I let the therapist know that in addition to general relaxation, I was dealing with some forearm pain, shoulder pain (from the morning of golf) and low back pain (probably from the wedding dancing and golf the day before). The therapist was very responsive to my concerns and understood that the massage would include some more intensive deep tissue treatment to address my problem areas.


The facility is very clean and the rooms are well appointed. While the spa change rooms are shared with the public who are using the fitness, hot tub and pool areas, they do have a small area that is separated for spa patrons. The change rooms were clean but quite busy while I was there. The spa itself was very well looked after. The quiet room was in order and all magazines were placed neatly on the side tables even after I left them muddled prior to my massage.


The facility is fully accessible through the lower entrance. There is also an elevator for those who may need it. The hallways offer ample space to get around and the facility is very accessible to people of all abilities. The one concern might be access along the lake front via the brick pathway, but as I mentioned the elevator allows for everyone to access the spa.


This is a key factor in reviewing massage therapy and spas. While there are many great therapists and spas out there, their location, demeanor, amenities and overall vibe often distinguish them from one another.

The Jasper Park Lodge is located in the Rocky Mountains and is surrounded by amazing scenery including the majestic Pyramid Mountain and Mount Edith Cavell. The relaxation room looks directly across the beautiful Lac Beauvert and makes the serenity of the entire experience even more exceptional. The walls are adorned with wonderful art that reflects the mountains and nature that it is surrounded by.

I would describe the overall vibe of this spa as SERENE.

Check out the spa experience brochure produced by the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.


Friendly Factor

We believe that a good relationship with a caregiver is a key to the outcome. There were no issues here as the entire staff at the spa and the interaction was pleasant from the outset. The staff provided a short tour of the facility making the client (me) comfortable with the location and use of the various amenities. While I was shown around by a female, she provided me the information that I needed to access a locker and prepare for my massage without being able to enter the men’s change room.


This is what you are paying for, and this is where we know our stuff.

As I mentioned my lower back pain (from golf), shoulder pain (from golf) and forearm pain (from life, golf and my hands on nature of being a physio) was included as concerns prior to my “relaxation massage.” Each was addressed with differing pressures of massage and techniques. I found my massage therapist was able to identify a problem area in the levator scapulae and rotator cuff in my shoulder. I was quite impressed with her adept skill in finding these areas as prior massage therapists have missed them. She was able to successfully relax the area as well as my forearm and lower back muscles. During the treatment she continually asked whether the pressure was adequate and while she was working these areas I was certainly not relaxing or sleeping (which I preferred a treatment over a nap on this date anyway).

When my therapist worked on my mid back, feet, legs, neck and shoulders, I considered her to be very skillful. She used aromatherapy to begin the treatment and moist hot towels after working my feet and hands. I found this effective at adding to the experience and had the added benefit of erasing the “greasy” feeling on my feet that I often notice after the massage.


This is a luxury resort and the prices of the service reflect this. The cost is reasonable considering the amazing environment and available amenities. I also note that I consider that the treatment result was worth the cost.

Check out the entire spa price list here.

Sleep Score

As I mentioned earlier, on this occasion I combined a relaxation massage with some treatment. The treatment portion was significant and kept me awake. The relaxation component might have derived a snore or two out of me. All in all, within a one hour treatment session I believe that I was able to attain both relaxation and treatment. My shoulder felt better and I was rejuvenated and ready to take on another week of my own patients.

General Review

As the Fairmont name reflects an air of quality, this spa certainly met my expectations and did not do any disservice to the Fairmont brand. I have been to this spa on a few other occasions, but this was the first time that I set out to review it. I am glad that I took the time to perform this review as it drew my attention to several reasons that I return.

The relaxation room deserves a review of its own. The view is spectacular and relaxing and the room itself provides water, fruit, muffins, books, magazines and a fireplace.


The Hotel has a year round outdoor pool and hot tub. The steam room is worth a visit after the massage and I always recommend to my patients that they access a form of moist heat after a deep tissue treatment. The combination of the steam room and hot tub meet the demands of this physiotherapist.


The only negative that I can speak of is the joint change room. Going to the change room with screaming kids slightly detracts from the overall experience. While this has happened to me, it is not always the case. My recommendation is to change quickly and head to the relaxation room.


The Hotel is in the midst of a multi-year renovation and is beginning to offer today’s style and luxury whilst maintaining a connection to history, environment and it’s surroundings. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend that restores both your mind and body (pardon my existential tone), then a trip to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is worthwhile. If your shoulder or back are aching, then make sure to spend some extra time in the spa.


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