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K-Laser: Erase Joint Pain & Inflammation

Cube 4 K-LaserIf you’re over 40, odds are that you suffer pain, stiffness, or restricted motion in one or more of your body’s 200 plus joints.  Perhaps it’s your sore shoulder or hip, stiff and painful fingers, creaky knees, or an aching back or neck.

Guess what? You’re not alone. Thousands of Canadian adults face these common “wear and tear” joint concerns.

With joint pain and inflammation, you may find it:

  • Difficult to climb stairs…
  • Tough to vacuum, clean house, or do yard work…
  • Troublesome to open a jar…
  • Problematic to reach for stuff in your cupboard…
  • Challenging to get up from your favorite easy chair…
  • Hard to stay active with hobbies or even keep up with your kids or grandkids…

At Capilano Rehab, we understand what you’re going through. We see patients every week with these issues.  And fortunately, we have introduced the K-Laser as a practical and effective natural solution for joint pain and stiffness — a solution that can help you enjoy pain free living.

How Does the K-Laser Work?

Capilano’s K-Laser system is a Class IV therapeutic laser that delivers specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce a photochemical reaction and pain relief effect.  Physiologic responses include increased circulation, reduced inflammation and stiffness, pain reduction and enhanced joint recovery.  

Modern Treatment for Old Aches and Pains

Capilano’s state of the art K-Laser protocol is ideally suited for people who have been living with nagging pain and resorting to drugs and/or taking handfuls of expensive and questionable joint supplements without seeing any real benefit or change.

Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Free

If you are looking for options to erase your joint pain and inflammation, call Capilano today at 780-466-1104 and ask about our K-Laser therapy program.


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