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Orthotics That Perform


Custom Foot Orthotics for your foot pain

Physiotherapist Prescribed Orthotics for your Hard Working Feet

Are you hard on your feet?  Do you need orthotics that can handle the perspiration, pressure and punishment that your work and sports activities dish out?  At Capilano Rehab Centre Physiotherapy in Edmonton, we can perform a high-tech computerized assessment of your feet, to evaluate whether Performaxx orthotics might be right for you.  The new line of Performaxx orthotics offer a comfortable, versatile solution for your foot support needs. 

Physiotherapist Certified Performance

Performaxx orthotics are designed to perform. They will keep you cool and dry while keeping your feet balanced.  No more sweaty, sticky, smelly orthotics. Performaxx orthotics are built with the latest technology and orthotic materials. They use

  • Celliant®: to increase tissue oxygen levels in the body which may help boost energy, amplify stamina, and assist with recovery
  • Dri-release®: to evaporate your sock and skin sweat quickly
  • Infused Silver ions: to capture and kill noxious foot odors.

Take Your Foot Fitness to the Next Level

Whether you stomp around in heavy steel-toed boots or jog fast in elite distance running shoes, Performaxx orthotics will give you the cushioning and control you need so that you can comfortably perform when the heat is on.

Let our physical therapists help you get your foot fitness to the next level. Call Capilano Rehab Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton today at 780-466-1104 to book your Footmaxx® Metascan gait analysis. 


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