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Physiotherapy to Reduce Work Injury Downtime

Worker sees physical therapist for work injury assessment

Physiotherapy to Reduce Work Injury Downtime

Workers are a company’s most valuable resource. So protecting their health, promoting wellness, preventing  work injuries, and ensuring workplace safety are of the utmost importance. Capilano Rehab Centre physical therapists offer a full range of work injury assessment and rehabilitation services.  Physical therapists can assist in reducing workplace disruptions, absenteeism costs, and encourage long-term health and wellness. 

Physiotherapy Work Injury Rehab Program

The physical therapists at Capilano Rehab are committed to customized client care and progressive and state of the art therapy equipment and approaches.  Our physiotherapy Work Injury Rehab Centre (W.I.R.C.) programs consistently achieve excellent injury recovery and pain relief outcomes along with high client satisfaction ratings. 

Our physiotherapists understand the needs of our corporate clients and their workers and we respond to these needs through:

  • Positive Communication
  • User-Friendly Reporting
  • Objective and Quantifiable Testing
  • Cost-efficient Assessments and Treatment
  • Utilization of Critical Job Demands
  • High Quality and Advanced Interdisciplinary Treatment Programs

Basic Work Injury Rehab Programs

Our basic Work Injury Rehab Centre (W.I.R.C.) Programs include:

  • Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE’s)completed by registered physiotherapists, who are also active in providing hands-on diagnosis and follow-up treatment.
  • Pre-Employment & RTW Screens to identify pre-existing injuries and at risk applicants in order to reduce the risk of injury and/or re-injury and corresponding reduction in the rates of lost time, STD, and LTD claims.
  • Work Specific Conditioning for individuals who have become physically deconditioned following an injury or illness.
  • Corporate FootMaxx® evaluations to identify lower extremity gait-based problems.

Please call Capilano Rehab physiotherapy clinic at 780-466-1104 to arrange for a work injury assessment, a workplace safety consultation, or any other physical therapy work injury rehab services you or your employees may require.  We will be happy to help you determine how we can best meet your workplace needs.


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